Sometimes you need to go back to your childhood to remember what it's like having a hobby you enjoyed. The innocence of youth helps channel our interests in a way no adult could replicate, due to the constant barrage of constrictions and limitations we place on ourselves.
Finding a hobby to take your mind off life's stresses might be as simple as remembering your fondest memory as a child. It might even be as simple as picking something out of a hat.
One past time activity many of us remember with either sheer happiness, or complete dread, is singing. At school we were often asked to perform in front of our parents, singing to the best of our ability. An ability which had not been given the time and practice to develop for the vast majority of us. This put many of us off singing as an entertaining hobby; unfairly so, in this writer's eyes.
Singing is a hobby we all could enjoy. It isn't necessary to have a high ability, an interest in the science behind it, or the skill of playing an instrument. Just having a voice is all you need to produce sound, and learning how to shape that sound is a journey which can take you up to the highest hights imaginable.

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